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Uralelectromed continues to reconstruct the raw warehouse

23 July 2019

JSC «Uralelektromed» is an enterprise of the metallurgical complex of UMMC. In his train shop launched the second phase of the reconstruction of the raw stock. The plan was for the repairs of the working area of the loading area. To complete them, the company intends before the end of this year. Large-scale reconstruction will contribute to increasing the efficiency of the working process. Employees will be provided with modern and convenient equipment. All reconstruction will be done gradually. There will be three.

The first phase was completed last year. The process was carried out repair of the roof and facade. Also renovated the first floor. In the second phase, beginning repaired the working area of the loading site. Its area is about 5 thousand square meters. Currently processed metal construction. This anti-corrosion treatment. In addition, now painted the walls and ceiling. It will be carried out repair floors. Special attention will be paid to the narrow gauge. It is planned to overhaul and cover it with asphalt railroad tracks. Length gauge is 230 meters.

Interestingly, for the period of repair of the production process was not stopped. The second stage of reconstruction is scheduled for completion in the third quarter of this year. The start of the third stage scheduled for next year. So in the process, will be renovated broad gauge. All will be renovated 250 meters.

It is reported that in the course of the reconstruction was implemented «lean manufacturing». This was done at the first stage. Thus, updated storage of inventory. Now uses the 5S system and install updated shelving.

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