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KAMAZ started to produce aluminum fuel tanks

17 July 2019

It is reported that KAMAZ has launched a new line at the frame and stamping plant. So started the production of aluminum fuel tanks. This will allow you to exclude imports of similar products. Earlier they were received from Austria. For the purchase of new equipment was received preferential loan. It provided the Foundation for the development of the industry. Earlier, a similar production in Russia was carried out. This refers to the one that matches the requirements of KAMAZ. These are the standards of quality and volume. Because of this, the company was forced to purchase abroad.

To clean aluminum pots, the plant decided in 2017. The project was supported by the industry development Fund in 2018. He has provided the company with funds in the framework of the «Components». Implementation of the project is estimated at 544 million. The Fund has provided a loan in the amount of 230 million rubles. Thus, KAMAZ began production of aluminum tanks with a volume of 200−800 gallons. The capacity of the production line is 35 thousand tanks per year. It should be noted that line a versatile. It is possible to produce not only aluminum fuel tanks, and steel.

It is noted that this project is very important for the enterprise. In the current year will be launched production of a new generation of cars. They will use tanks of its own production. First, it is economically advantageous. Second, it is possible to monitor the quality of the tanks. This is very important because they are a critical component of cars. In addition, will be a stable product development. Consumer demands are growing, but because the enterprise can’t stand still. In addition, it is important for the implementation of the strategy of import substitution.

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