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Chinese companies are starting to implement new aluminum rentals

5 July 2019

Several metallurgical enterprises in China has shared interesting news. It is reported that they are embarking on new projects. They relate to the production of aluminum products, including aluminum alloy. Among these enterprises was lit Baosteel. It is the largest national metallurgical company in China. It belongs to the group of Baowu. The company intends to diversify its activities. First of all, it intends to build a new plant producing aluminum alloys. It will also produce the finished products with high degree of processing. Such products are used in the automotive industry. The new plant is planned to be built in Henan province. The first phase will be capable of producing 300 thousand tons per year. The project will cost in 890 million dollars.

Also, the new project will take the company Mengtai Group. She will erect a plant for the production of high-tech products from aluminum alloys. Consumers of these products are the automotive industry and railway engineering. In addition, it is used in the electronic, defense and aviation industries. The new shop will be built on the site of the new complex. This happens in the province of Inner Mongolia. The complex will be engaged in the production of sheet and strip rolling. Capacity — 900 thousand tons a year. The first phase plant will start next year. It will produce 100 thousand tons per year. For implementation will be allocated in the order of 290 million dollars.

In Anhui province there will be three new businesses. About it reports the local administration. The company will produce finished aluminum products. They will launch a local company. A total of three companies will produce 280 thousand tons.

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