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Iran plans to increase steel production

3 July 2019

It is reported that Iran plans to increase steel production. This refers in the current year on the local calendar. This was stated by the Deputy Minister of industry, mines and trade of Iran. It is expected that production volumes will increase to 30 million tons. It is on this indicator is planned to be released before March 19, 2020. Iranian steel company has already demonstrated some growth production. Last year they were released about 25 million tons. A year earlier, the figure was 17.7 per cent less. It is reported by Worldsteel. Because local steelmakers have all chances to achieve better results.

This year should earn a new power. They are able to produce 10 million tonnes of steel a year. It is expected that growth performance will be observed until March 2024. It will be about 25 million tons per year. The forecasts done by the state holding company IMIDRO. For its compilation were taken than in previous years. Also actively studied the prospects of the steel industry.

Interestingly, Iran was greatly affected by the us sanctions. However, the national industry intends to continue the development. In the past year significantly increased the export of steel. But there have been complications with the supply of semi-finished products. It is reported that the industry has the advantage. It also acts as a collateral stability. It is the security of raw materials from local suppliers. This allows you to not just «stay afloat», but also to develop. Thus, Iran can continue development, despite American restrictions. However, it may at any time change.

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