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European companies opposed the import duties

2 July 2019

The European Commission received a proposal from the Federation of European consumers of aluminium. So businesses are asked to cancel import duties. This refers to the raw aluminum. To date, the size of these fees is 3−6%. In Europe, many non-integrated producers of finished aluminum. They are consumers of intermediate goods, which are purchased from foreign companies. They account for 70% of the total turnover. In addition, they own 92% of jobs. The demand for convenience foods is very high. 74% of total imports are imported products.

Italian LUISS University conducted a study of data from 2008. Initially, fees were introduced with the aim to protect the interests of a specific sector. We are talking about European industry engaged in the production of primary aluminum. However, during the study period, its power was substantially reduced. They make about 2 million tons per year. This is 30% less than it was before the introduction of import duties. The demand of European companies for aluminium has substantially increased. Over the past 10 years he has gained almost 3% per year. Today the demand reaches more than 12 million tons per year. To meet it is becoming increasingly difficult because of the duties.

The price of aluminium in Europe is not the most pleasant. It is installed with the maximum amount of the fee, namely 6%.

According to the Secretary-General of the Federation, are hidden subsidies for aluminum producers. This refers to the European. Businesses get into serious competition. We are talking about those that produce finished products. Their main competitors are suppliers from China. It is necessary to struggle in the market with a low margin. It is not like all.

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