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In Turkey kicks off the reconstruction of the steel plant Kardemir

28 June 2019

Kardemir is a Turkish steel mill. He is engaged in the production of long products. The other day was suspended blast furnace No. 4. Also, for a time, ceased to function Converter No. 2. Cause is planned by the enterprise modernization. It is expected that the process will last about four months. During this period it is planned to hold a series of repairs. In addition, there will be replacement of some equipment.

First of all, it is planned to remove the old Converter and install the new one. Old is 90 tons. New, of course, more than 120 tons. Will also be produced preparatory work for the launch of a new line. According to the plan line of the continuous casting machine should start in October of this year. Metallurgical plant has long aimed to implement this project. Thus, will raise production capacity. It will be about 2.9 million tons of steel. This refers to a year. However, this is not the maximum, which plans to reach the steel plant.

At the end of last year, the production volume amounted to 2.41 million tons. This is a pretty good result for the company. Including expanded assortment of wire rod and rebar. In addition, the plant was able to master the production of round billets. It is used for railway wheels. However, the metallurgical combine more ambitious plans. In the future he plans to establish his own record. It is expected that the capacity will increase to 3.5 million tons. Again-so, we are talking about annual rate. Thus, the plant will be able to better compete with other local businesses.

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