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The volume of steel imports in the United States is rapidly declining

23 June 2019

The Commerce Department provided the latest data for may. It is reported, a number of us metallurgical enterprises applied for permits. We are talking about permits for the import of steel products. Just asked to allow the import 2.34 million tonnes of steel. This is 10.8% less than requested in April. Compared to may of last year, the figure dropped to 12%. Thus, the American steelmakers have less and less need for imported steel. Most of the demand is able to meet local producers.

Interestingly, in may of licenses issued to 632 thousand tonnes. It concerns the import of semi-finished products into the United States. The figure exceeded the result of the same period of last year. The difference amounted to 47%. That is one main reason. It lies in the fact that the increased import volume from Brazil. Deliveries were carried out according to the established quota, which accounted for the second quarter. The Brazilian company decided to import high products. In the end, the quota was depleted.

The American company asked to be allowed to import finished products. The same applies to pipes and hardware. Was permission requested for the supply of 1.71 million tons. The figure was also less than for last year’s may volume. The difference is 23.4%. In this case, the decrease in the volume of licenses issued. On delivery from Canada the reduction was 54%. Of licenses issued for 299 thousand tons. Imports from Mexico decreased by 36%. It amounted to 218 thousand tons. Almost twice reduced the volume for Germany and Turkey. For the most part in the United States decreased import of rolled. We are talking about hot rolled thin and thick plates. The official reason is a drop in prices on the national market. Also reduced the import of wire rod.

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