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The Cherepovets metallurgical plant launches new equipment

25 June 2019

Cherepovets steel mill belongs to the division «Severstal Russian steel». The last time his experts were engaged in the commissioning and start-up works of new equipment. We are talking about the unit roll to roll (APR-650). He was introduced to the process. Unit capacity is 650 thousand tons per year. It should reach design capacity in the third quarter of this year. The new equipment will allow to produce a quality product with high added value. This steel, which can be used for laser cutting. She is in demand in the automotive industry. The project has cost the plant approximately $ 1.2 billion.

In fact, the launch of the new unit provides a new area of work. Thus, the plant will provide new jobs. Take them to the local competent professionals. Already hired over 30 new employees. They will work on the new machine. The same applies to its service. All new employees will be placed in the shop finishing of metal No. 2. All staff had recently undergone training. It was conducted by representatives of the Italian company «LDM». It acted as an equipment supplier.

The new unit rewinds the hot-rolled metal coils. The same applies to hot rolled pickled metal. It is manufactured at two mills — 1700 and 2000. For this there is a whole processing line. First of all, there’s a machine prior edits. Followed by end trimming and edge trimming shears. With their help, you can trim both ends of the faulty coils. After this there are two plate-straightening machine. Thanks to them achieved the desired measure flatness of rolled products. And finally comes the installation of cleaning brushes.

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