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European companies ask for tougher restrictions on steel imports

22 June 2019

Currently, the EU restrictions on steel imports. But the local iron and steel enterprises consider it insufficient. Because they demanded to tighten these restrictions. This is stated in an open letter addressed to heads of European States. It was compiled by the heads 45 of the metallurgical enterprises of Europe. Their share in total steel production is 90%. This refers to the EU. Special support for them has a regional Association Eurofer. Enter tightening is required, from 1 July this year.

European companies believe that the region formed a surplus of steel products. Their fears they explain the significant increase in import volume. After the introduction of us steel tariffs, the country redirected the delivery. While production capacity has not been reduced. In the end, on the world market has a surplus of steel products. It is sent mainly to the EU. This had a negative impact on the European steel industry. For example, ArcelorMittal will have to temporarily reduce their production volumes.

It is interesting that, despite the requirements of the companies do not offer their methods. They are only calling for an urgent meeting of the European political leaders. During the meeting, they must make certain decisions. These decisions should help the steel sector. The only concrete proposal was made only from Eurofer. It is to cancel the quota increase. They had to grow by 5% next month. As for the consumers of steel products, they are against the restrictions. On the contrary, they require to extend the current limits. This applies to wire rod, galvanized sheet and fittings.

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