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Chinese imports of rare earth metals in the United States can significantly decrease

13 June 2019

Relations between the US and China continue to dwell. Recently, the us authorities imposed a ban on Chinese company Huawei. China intends to give a hard answer. It planned to limit exports of rare earth metals in the United States. Not excluded the option of full lock. It is reported that China will continue to use their own rare earth resources. A big part will go for their own consumption. Another part will be given to other countries within reasonable limits. This was said by the national Committee for development and reform of China.

The American companies have an urgent need in the supply of rare earth metals. We are talking about producers of household appliances and military equipment. They are dependent on Chinese imports. For the most part this applies to 17 related metals-lanthanides. Of them produce powerful permanent magnets. Without such magnets does not do modern electronic equipment. For the production of rare earth metals is the leader of China. Its share is more than 90% of total production in the world. Last year it produced about 120 thousand tons. Of them were exported 53 thousand tons. In addition to China’s supply of rare earth metals is Australia. More precisely, there is a company Lynas. She’s the only serious Chinese supplier.

In January-March 2019 the volume of production Lynas has % to 5.44 tonnes. It mixed oxides of rare earth metals. They were issued with the Malaysian plant. At the beginning of last month, the company announced a new project. This is a joint project with the American Blue Line. They plan to build a plant that will separate the rare earth metals. It is located in USA.

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