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Corporation ArcelorMittal reduces its production volume

11 June 2019

In the beginning of the month, the Corporation ArcelorMittal made an important statement. She said she plans to reduce their production volumes. We are talking about the production of sheet metal in Europe. The total amount will be reduced by 3 million tons per year. If we consider the annual equivalent. In addition, will reduce the capacity utilization in the regions. In particular, reduced production volume at its French plant Dunkirk. He is engaged in the production of steel products. The same applies to a manufacturing enterprise Eisenhuttenstadt. It is located in Eastern Germany.

The company also has a plant in Bremen. It is the repair of blast furnaces. The same thing is happening at the metallurgical plant in Asturias. He is in Spain. It is reported that the repair work be delayed. They will exceed the time that was scheduled. Thus, the reduction in the total production volume of ArcelorMittal will be decent. In the annual equivalent it will be 1−1. 5 million tons. The company’s management said about the urgent need for such measures. It is reported that they are only temporary.

At present, the European market is weak. In addition, there is a significant import volume growth. Refers to supplies of hot-rolled steel. Also, the company has to spend much energy. ArcelorMittal intends to ride out the difficulty. When everything is adjusted, the company plans to return to the previous volumes. It is the largest steel producer in the European Union. It is very important for you to contribute to the speedy restoration of a positive climate.

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