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What ended the may the global steel market

19 June 2019

Turkish steelmakers for the second half of may looks pretty good. The US lowered rates steel rates up to 25%. Turkish companies immediately hastened to take advantage of the situation. They purchased scrap iron in decent quantities. Then raised the price on it. After this began the rise of the quotes on hire. This applies to flat and long products. Appeared enterprises interested in the supply of billet from Ukraine and Russia. This, in turn, pushed some Russian companies. They began to raise the cost of semi-finished products that are exported. The same applies to hot rolled coils. But at the end of may Turkish scrap fell in price. Quotes for billet and rebar moved there.

To export hot-rolled steel in the USA, Turkish companies, it makes no sense. Too much of a price difference. In addition, the shipping is too expensive. In the US quotes for these products is falling rapidly. From January 2019, they have declined 20%. Wait for the growth of consumption in the near future should not. Thus, the US market is now not to be envied. The same applies to two more industries. We are talking about construction and industry. Relatively good situation is only in the oil and gas sector. The cost of rebar in the USA is also low. Because Turkey does not see sense in its exports.

It is interesting that, despite all the difficulties, the U.S. government continues to «scorch». It would seem, should stop taking the hard decisions. It is time to establish relations with some countries. This would improve the condition of the domestic market. But instead, it is planned to impose new sanctions. They will affect the European countries supporting «Nord stream-2».

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