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Plant "Sevkabel" has set a new production record

13 May 2019

Plant «Sibcable» is part of «holding Cable Alliance». In March of this year he managed to set a new record. So the volume of processed copper rod amounted to 1516 tons. This is the highest production rate of the enterprise for the last five years. Over the same period last year the result was 1423 tons. The average monthly indicator reaches 1100−1200 tons. The largest share in the volume of output belongs to oil-submersible cables. They account for ¾ of the total. They produced more than 1326 km, which is also a record.

The company is also engaged in production of serial and improved designs. Second, as a rule, for the more complex terms of use. The highest demand cable brand Kppbp-130. As his isolation is used blockcopolymer characterized by temperature resistance. Wrapped cable PTFE tape. Thanks to her, the product is completely protected from the formation fluid. Of course, cable is less susceptible to high temperatures. Also reduced the level of exposure to a corrosive environment.

Achievement of high results became possible due to several reasons. First of all, we are talking about improved production capacity. The equipment is characterized by versatility. Due to this the plant may not just meet the production plan. He is able to exceed the entire annual production program. Has also been expanded range of products. In particular, it was made many metal-intensive orders. We are talking about cable products having a large cross-section. Thus, the enterprise managed to reach a whole new level.

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