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China started to produce more titanium

16 May 2019

Recently held annual conference of China Titanium Industry Association (CNIA-Ti). It was announced end of last year. So the volume of extraction of titanium concentrate amounted to 4.2 million tons. There is a mind in China. Compared to the previous year, the index rose 10.5%. It was also released much more of titanium sponge. The total issue volume amounted to 74,953 thousand tons. Thus, the 2017 figure was exceeded by 2.8%. This is the cumulative result of the activities of eight of the largest companies in China.

In addition, the conference addressed the information provided 31 by the enterprise. They are engaged in the production of titanium ingots. Total production volume also increased significantly. Its growth amounted to 5.7% compared to the year before. Thus, the production volume amounted to 75,049 thousand tons. In addition, there was significantly more released titanium products. The issue volume amounted to 63,396 thousand tons. The difference with the figure for last year is 14.4%. Also increased the amount of produce of titanium powder. It amounted to 2,870 tonnes. This exceeds the result 2017 14.8%.

Significantly increased production capacity, producing titanium sponge in China. They grew by 15% than a year earlier. Thus, they reached the level of 107 thousand tons per year. This significant increase is made possible by two companies. We are talking about the companies Chaoyang and Xinjiang Baisheng New Material. Last year they launched their new projects. Also demonstrated the increased capacity for the production of titanium products. It was 8.2%. In all there were about 135 thousand tons. Such increases are related to the strong growth of demand for titanium.

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