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This year, the Ukrainian market will be rough W/d axis from INTERPIPE

7 May 2019

INTERPIPE is a Ukrainian industrial company. She received a certificate of conformity for industrial batch of their products. We are talking about roughing of railway axles. The company has successfully passed all the tests and inspections. Then he had received the mark of the manufacturer. The final step was the certification of industrial batch of products of the company.

The production process was examined by the interdepartmental Commission. In its structure there were representatives of «Ukrzaliznytsia». Upon completion of the inspection, it was determined high quality roughing of railway axles. In addition, they have high safety ratings. So the decision was made to issue the company a permit. Now it can produce the rough axis on an industrial scale.

The mark of the manufacturer was obtained of the CIS Council on rail transport. This is a mandatory measure. Now this mark will appear on each product of the enterprise. In its absence, the use of products is prohibited. Its availability in the roughing of railway axles confirms compliance with all standards. Also this is a confirmation of compliance with the rules of technical operation of Railways.

Products will be sold on the Ukrainian market and the CIS market. The main customers are Ukrainian car-building plants. In addition, the company intends to participate in tenders of «Ukrzaliznytsya». The first batch of products will be sold in the second quarter of this year. The company will introduce on the market a certain amount of roughing of railway axles. He will make 5 thousand units. The company itself is engaged in the smelting of steel. From it then formed the finished product.

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