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Guangxi Nanguo Copper launched phase II of smelter

5 May 2019

Chinese company Guangxi Nanguo Copper is engaged in copper production. She has a copper-smelting plant in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous region. It is located in the South of China. Currently, it operates first. She was commissioned in 2013. Its capacity is 300 thousand tons per year. However, the company plans to increase stockpiles of copper concentrate. Moreover, she wants as quickly as possible to increase your capacity. So the other day at the copper smelting plant of the company earned second place. Its capacity is 300 thousand tons per year.

In January-February this year, production reached 1.34 million tons. This refers to the whole country. We are talking about refined copper. This information leads the National Bureau of statistics of China. Interestingly, the figure exceeded the result of last year’s same period. The difference is 6.3%. According to forecasts, this year is expected to further growth. In particular it considers the company Antaike. She is a research unit of the national Association of manufacturers non-ferrous metals.

So at the end of this year will be melted 8.85 million tons. This exceeds the previous year’s figure by 4.8%. It is noted that the import volume will be less. It will be about 3.2 million tons. This is 14.7% less than it was a year earlier. Also negative dynamics will affect consumption growth. It is expected to reach 3%. Last year the figure was 4%. However, the situation may be somewhat different. Do not forget about the environmental policy of the country. New restrictions may make significant adjustments.

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