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PJSC "Rosolova" continues to upgrade Solar concentrator

10 May 2019

PJSC «Rosolova» — a company engaged in tin mining. She has a Solar concentration plant, located on the Festival field. It is located in the Khabarovsk territory. Currently, the factory is being modernized. The process is scheduled for completion by next year. First of all, modernization is modernization of the enterprise. Thus, it will be possible to increase the capacity of the processing plant. It is expected that the figure will grow to 1.2 thousand tons of tin concentrate. This refers to a year.

Currently already created a detailed project of re-equipment of the factory. Some of the old equipment will be replaced with a new one. The other part will undergo repair and replacement parts. This was told by General Director of PJSC «Rosolova». Some equipment has already begun to work. This project will cost the company at about 1.4 billion. The company CEO also told about the presence of another finished project. The project concerns the creation of «Polygon „dry“ storage of cake».

Also in the plans the company has several major projects. For example, currently preparatory work is underway on Pravourmiyskoe field. There will be the construction of a mining and processing plant. Was already conducted survey works. In addition, the developed design documentation of the road «Suluk-Pravourmiyskoe». The construction of the plant is scheduled for completion in 2022. It was initially reported that the implementation of the project is estimated at 9.7 billion rubles. However, the amount of investment rose to 11.7 billion rubles. Thus, the company will have to fork out significantly.

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