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UK "Section Myrymskiy" augmenting equipment

3 May 2019

Coal company «Section Myrymskiy» start to work in 2016. It operates in areas «Marijsky» and «Bay West», the Republic of Khakassia. In the first year it was produced 450 thousand tons. I mean on the first plot. More than 90% of the high quality coal went for export. By the end of 2017 the volume of production amounted to 1.8 million tons. In 2018, the company completed a record 3 million tons. Currently, the company intends to double its performance.

The license to develop the area «Bay West» the company received in July 2018. It intends to use in implementing their ambitious plans. For this it is necessary to purchase new equipment. The expansion of mining and transport equipment will help the Liebherr. To date, the plot is possible to use electric equipment. So was the first electric mining excavator Liebherr R 9200 E. Previously used equipment with diesel engines. The reason for this was the deplorable condition of the electric networks on the section.

Bucket capacity of the new machine is 12.5 cubic meters. It is characterized by high productivity. Refers unlike diesel-powered equipment. In addition, this is the first machine of type «shovel». It can be used by creating an enabling environment. This is a more powerful mining equipment. And besides, it is much safer. Use electrical excavator helps to reduce the load on the environment. Because diesel technology was a large amount of harmful emissions into the atmosphere. In addition, to make the new machine had significantly upgrade site. It also had a positive impact on working conditions on the section.

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