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Created a new company DCH Steel

1 May 2019

Manual DCH continues to follow its new strategy. It is aimed at the improvement of efficiency of the mining and metallurgical business. Recently the company decided to create a new company DCH Steel. She is going to do centralized management of a number of assets. We are talking about the Dnieper metallurgical plant and the mine of «Dry Beam». The factory is located in the city of Dnepr, and the mine in Krivoy Rog. The creation of a center control necessary for the realization of large investment projects. Integration will be gradual. In the process you will create a new production chain. The first phase will be the extraction of ore. Then comes the enrichment and agglomeration. Finally, is smelted cast iron.

In the next five years, the project will invest a large amount. It will be about 150−200 million dollars. Funds will be used to restore the furnace Foundation coke production. The company also intends to build a continuous casting machine billet. These activities will be implemented on the Dnieper metallurgical plant. Mine has a «Dry beam» is created and processing factory. The part of means will go on development of reserves of ore. This refers to those in deeper horizons. Naturally, the process will be modernized and updated equipment.

Company DCH Steel will be used for General process control. Production work will remain enterprise. They will continue production and to improve technology. The company intends to achieve independence from external supplies of sinter. In addition, it is planned to establish the interaction of the plant and the mine. Finally, the company plans to increase its competitiveness.

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