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29 April 2019

The plant of plastic products «Alternativa» is in October. It is a city in the Republic of Bashkortostan. The plant has completed the modernization and mastered production of new products. He began to produce new types of Sadovo-household goods from plastic. For the implementation of the project was spent 174 million. Of these, 58 million were received as soft loan. It gave the Federal Fund of development of the industry. Another 25 million rubles were received from the regional Fund.

In the course of modernization has been updated a production line of goods. We are talking about such goods from plastic, such as pots, buckets. This also applies to forms of plants, garden fencing, wash basins. This includes products for bathrooms and toilets. The main advantage of products is modern design. In addition, the products of the improved consumer qualities. Special attention was paid to improving the design. Thus, the plant «Alternative» offers modern and high quality garden products.

Their products the company sells primarily in Russia. The implementation is carried out through a number of outlets of major chains. It’s such as X5 Retail Group, «Coin», «Magnet». Also the products can be found on the shelves of stores Auchan. In addition, there are a number of other trading companies. Part of the company’s products are exported. This is approximately 5%. Deliveries to Kazakhstan and Belarus. The plant is interested in improving their production process. He also is actively engaged in the production of new types of products. This will allow him to take and hold leading positions in the markets.

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