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On Russian welded pipe will not operate the European anti-dumping duties

18 May 2019

Earlier it was reported that the European Commission is engaged in regular anti-dumping investigation. It concerned the import of round and shaped welded pipes. They are characterized by square and rectangular cross-section. Deliveries are made to countries such as Russia, Turkey and Macedonia. The investigation process started at the end of September last year. It was initiated by several entities of the two corporations. It is ArcelorMittal and Tata Steel. With operations located in several countries of the European Union. For their products in the European territory accounts for over 40%.

The investigation tested a wide range of welded pipes. They are characterized by small and medium-sized. They are used by enterprises from different industries. In particular in the oil and gas industry and construction. They are also used in mechanical engineering. Finally, such pipes are required for the production of sports equipment and furniture. In the Russian territory such products are produced by several companies. First of all, the plant «Severstal TPZ-Sheksna». In addition, their releases Almetyevsk pipe plant. Both companies belong to the group of UMC.

In the process the European Commission had to be imposed anti-dumping duties. This was to be a preliminary measure. Their introduction was scheduled for the end of may this year. But in the end, the investigation was completed. The results of the process, the existence of dumping has not been proven. Because the European Commission will not impose any anti-dumping duties. The supply pipes from these countries will continue as usual. This is the final decision of the Commission.

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