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Iranian exports will be subject to new us sanctions

25 May 2019

In early may, the U.S. President had signed a new Executive order. It concerns the introduction of additional sanctions for Iran. In particular we are talking about the Iranian export of iron ore. Also it will affect the supply of steel products, copper and aluminum. However, experts believe that there is nothing to fear. The new sanctions will hardly affect Iranian steel industry. But they were introduced to a few to spoil Iran’s position. It is known that metals allow the state to obtain large income. In 2017 the profit margin was estimated at about 10 billion dollars. Because the United States does not allow States to trade with Iran. They are not allowed to take Iranian metals.

The new sanctions will not have a significant impact. It is illustrated that the situation of Iran is so complicated. Previous restrictions since August of last year. Since then, the situation in Iran is much more complicated. The government was forced to look for ways to solve problems. But he is not coming out too well. Your opinion about additional sanctions was expressed by the Amir Hossein Kaveh. He is the Secretary of the Iranian Association of manufacturers of tubes. He believes that the new sanctions are another attempt of psychological pressure. His opinion is shared by many of the national metallurgical enterprise.

It is interesting that sanctions hurt not only Iran itself. A number of other countries were also in a difficult position. This applies to those for whom Iran was its main market. For example, ArcelorMittal is no longer able to export his products. In addition, some countries still run the risk of trade with Iran. They do this to bypass the sanctions. For example, purchased Iranian products. But it began to cost more expensive.

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