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The Chinese developed new environmental requirements

24 May 2019

The Chinese government has developed new environmental standards. The process involves the Ministry of environmental protection of the PRC. Also participated four government departments. New ecological system created specifically for the Chinese iron and steel enterprises. Regulations become more stringent, than the previous one. They concern primarily the emission of harmful substances. It is known that the Chinese territory suffers from large amounts of dust emissions.

Under the new standards, introduces limits for businesses. All of them are different. The size depends on what technology the company uses. The role played by brand agglomeration machines. In addition, developed standards regarding emissions of dust. This refers to the process of transporting raw materials. The new standards will apply to all in the national steel industry. This is especially true of producers of steel products.

Many production facilities must achieve «significant progress.» We are talking about 60% of steel producers. They are located in industrial zones in the East and North-East China. The desired results should be available by the end of next year. It is necessary to carry out environmental upgrades. It is expected that changes will be made at 80% of the metallurgical enterprises. It is expected to achieve by the end of 2025. The implementation of the new strategy will reduce the negative impact on the environment. It is planned to achieve the reduction of emissions of the most harmful dust particles. Their size is 2.5 microns. This is especially necessary for areas of the Yangtze river Delta.

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