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Corporation Vale intends to re-start the mining of iron ore in the next few years

28 May 2019

The Brazilian Corporation Vale is engaged in mining of iron ore. However, she had to suspend work. The reason for this was the disaster that occurred at the end of January. Then there was a breakthrough of the dam. In addition to environmental impacts, killed at least 237 people. As a result the company was forced to temporarily stop the operation of its facilities. Their production was about 90 million tons per year. After that, the Brazilian government has tightened requirements on such businesses. In particular, they touched upon the arrangement of the tailings.

The company intends to bring power to the desired state. However, she is not going to be in a hurry and will update gradually. In addition, she plans to maintain close cooperation with local authorities. The same applies to law enforcement. The company intends to return power to the system in the next few years. However running can be done only under one condition. The production process must be completely safe. Otherwise the government will not allow to resume the work of the enterprise.

First of all, you need the court’s permission. A mind full download of the Brucutu mine (Minas Gerais). Today it is the largest enterprise in the region. However, there is only a third of capacity. Thus, the figure reaches only 30 million tons per year. The company uses a «dry» method of enrichment of ore. Because of this, there is no waste in a liquid form. This makes it more secure. The same method is planned to introduce on the remaining capacity. This will help to avoid future emergencies with catastrophic consequences.

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