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Severstal has been upgrading the capacity of the mill 2000

25 April 2019

Currently, Severstal is continuing to modernize its mill 2000. It is located at Cherepovets steel mill. In particular hydralazine installed the device on the crates of the unit. Upgrading facilities is part of the new program of the enterprise. It is aimed at the development of a wide hire. In the process the participation of specialists of the production of flat rolled products. Furthermore, involved third-party contractors. Also involved representatives of companies that supply the new equipment. We are talking about the Austrian venture Primetals Technologies.

Hydralazine device mounted on a vertical stand of the roughing train. In addition, it is made in three horizontal stands of the finishing group. For the project was carried out the preparatory work. They raised the necessary infrastructure. So it was erected a separate building. There is an auxiliary equipment for geronimi devices vertical mill stand No. 5. First of all, was established a pumping station. Then specialists started to create a complete transformer substations. Finally, was carried out by the ventilation system. The work was carried out by the specialists of «Severstal-Project». The company belongs to the division «Severstal Russian steel».

We are currently commissioning. They relate all the process equipment. They are experts of the technological service of production of flat rolled. In doing so, they help the representatives of the company Primetals Technologies. After the installation will be followed by a number of hot tests. Planned to be completed by may this year. Implementation of the whole project is estimated at about 1 billion rubles.

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