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At the Cherepovets steel mill has earned a technology of combined blowing steel

24 April 2019

Cherepovets steel mill belongs to the division «Severstal Russian steel». Its steel production was carried out some changes. So a transfer was made of the three converters on the combined blowing steel. For the implementation of the project took more than 350 million rubles. The project is aimed at reducing costs. He is expected to provide significant economic effect. The new technology has a number of advantages. First of all, it eliminates stagnant zones in the bath of metal. In addition, it increases the yield of high quality products.

The company’s specialists have noted another important point. They believe that the new technology will allow to reduce the duration of the melting process. It is expected to be 0.5−1.5 minutes less. This makes it possible to achieve significant savings in terms of money. It will be about 11 million. This refers to the monthly. In addition, the combined blowing steel characterized by a higher level of security. The same applies to the performance indicator.

In the process of modernization was a major overhaul of Converter No. 1. It had to suspend its work for 10 days. At this time, carried out work to restore the design parameters of the unit. Also updated it’s main sites. In the process had involved over 100 specialists Centers «Domnaremont», «Preserve». Enterprises also belong to the division «Severstal Russian steel». In addition, involved employees of contractors. So were replaced with welded wheel spacedoctor Converter. In addition, there was manufactured a keyway. He also completed the milling.

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