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At the plant "ALNAS" has started serial production of the new hydroprotection ESP

6 April 2019

The plant «ALNAS» refers to the Group of companies «Riemer». Him in the serial production was transferred to the new hydroprotection of submersible electric motors. We are talking about the hydraulic protection for oil production with a dynamic labyrinth. Experimental field test design was held on the oil wells of the company «Belkamneft». The result was successful. The design was improved by installation of the dynamic maze. He goes with the centrifugal wheel, the form of which resembles an inverted bell. Free gas, water, mechanical impurities effectively separated from the formation fluid.

Thanks to the modernization of the length of construction decreased by 25−40%. Mean compared to the former hydraulic protection. It is made with gravity maze. The new equipment guarantees the constant operation of the installation of electrical submersible pump (ESP). Sometimes that is out of order the mechanical seal of hydroprotection. Thanks to the upgrade, the plant will still function. New hydroprotection of submersible electric motors was developed by specialists of the Center of research and development. We are talking about the Mall, owned by GK «Rimera». The author of the new solution is the head of the development Department.

GK a. s. continuously engaged in the exploration and development of new technical solutions. They are necessary for oil production in marginal fields. New hydraulic protection with dynamic maze is characterized by a high degree of reliability. She has significantly improved specifications. It ensures effective operation of the centrifugal pump. For the price it costs almost the same as the other hydroprotection.

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