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The US has reduced its imports of steel last year

4 April 2019

American Iron and Steel Institute shared data in the past year. So it is reported that the United States has reduced imports of steel. He totaled 30.57 million tons. The result was 11.5% less than at year-end 2017. Semi-finished products obtained were 7.12 million tons. It is also less than the figure for last year. The difference is 5.5%. In addition, imported finished products, metalware and pipes. Total amount of money received from abroad 23.45 million tons. Compared to 2017, was delivered by 13.1% less. Mainly USA gets the steel from Brazil, Canada, Korea, Mexico, Russia. Last year, these countries have reduced their sales volumes.

The greatest reduction was recorded in Korea. It exported 31.3% less than in 2017. The minimum reduction was demonstrated by Canada is only 0.5%. The volume of Russian steel exports to the US amounted to 2.3 million tons. This is 19.7% lower than a year earlier. For the most part supplied the slabs. They account for about 80% of the supply. Less than 7% went to the rental sheet. The remainder of the pipe. It is expected that in the current year, Russian exports to the US will be reduced even more. However, there are countries that improved their performance. So Vietnam has increased exports to the US. He has delivered more than 1 million tons.

There are some products that demonstrated a small increase. We are talking about hot rolled sheet and plate steel. Gains compared to 2017 was 22.2% and 14.7%, respectively. Mainly this became possible due to increase in canadian supplies. As for the rebar, the situation is different. It was imported by 25.4% lower than a year earlier. Also 27% reduction in deliveries of wire rod and 33.8% of the beams.

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