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At the mine

22 April 2019

Mine «North» belongs to Kola MMC, a subsidiary of «Norilsk Nickel». It is reported that she launched at the mine mining and geological information system (GGIS). It is an integrated three-dimensional system. With her help, created a 3D model of the developed ore bodies. the basis of data obtained by exploration. The model allows to see the bedding layers and the ore bodies. in addition, it provides information regarding the properties of the mineral. Thus, it is possible to timely control the workflow. The ore is extracted in the volumes required and the necessary quality. This follows all of the requirements for safe mining work.

The new system allows to plan the workflow. With its help it is projected mining production. The volumes are calculated with the utmost precision and efficiency. In addition, it creates the appropriate patterns. We are talking about the patterns of location of blast holes. The system helps to accurately calculate the parameters of the explosion. Also optimizes the methods of mining. Clearly defined sequence of processing steps ore reserves. In General, this significantly changes the approach to the management of the production process. The system replaces numerous paper documents. Everything is stored in electronic form.

The software complex is being improved the whole workflow. In addition, the capabilities of the company expanded significantly. It became much easier to plan and conduct mining operations. Thus, the company will be able to increase operational efficiency of fields development. Work will be faster and performance will grow.

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