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In the sulfuric acid shop of the enterprise "Karabashmed" has started modernization of the

28 March 2019

The enterprise «Karabashmed» is located in the city of Karabash, in the Chelyabinsk region. It is part of the Group «Russian copper company». Earlier it was reported that its sulfuric acid plant in need of increased productivity. First of all, it is connected with the beginning of the BOF vessels. It refers to the smelting shop of the plant. In addition, according to forecasts, should increase the capacity of the plant. It relates to the production of blister copper. The figure is expected to reach 150 thousand tons per year. Of them 130 thousand tons are produced from mineral raw materials.

At the present time experts have begun to install metal. Also oborachivaetsya site for maintenance. Special attention is paid to mounting elements, which are necessary for the operation of electrostatic precipitators. This new wet electrostatic precipitators. In the sulphuric acid plant will operate four units. Also to install the infrastructure for them. Installation work will start in March this year. Roughly process will not last more than a month. It’s all included in the production plan. According to him will be all the modernization in the enterprise.

Direct electrostatic precipitators will be launched after a major overhaul. We are talking about a major overhaul of chemical-metallurgical complex enterprises. Work on it needs to be completed in June this year. Four new precipitator will serve as a complement to the existing. Their JSC «Karabashmed» has 6 units. The functioning of all units contribute to an increase in throughput. This refers to the bandwidth utilization of Converter gas.

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