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USA took the final decision in respect of anti-dumping duties on biodiesel fuel

17 March 2019

The U.S. Department of Commerce finally decided to anti-dumping and countervailing duties. They relate to welded large diameter pipes. Supplies are from countries such as Greece and Canada. The same applies to Turkey and South Korea. Anti-dumping duty for Canada declined to 12.32%. Last year it was 24,38%. Greece, on the contrary, no luck. For her anti-dumping duties increased. Previously they were made of 7.45%, and now of 9.96%. South Korea duty slightly decreased. Now they are 7.03-of 20.39%. As for Turkey, then it rates slightly increased. They reached 4,55-of 5.05%.

It was also announced the decision in part Korean and Turkish exports. The U.S. Department of Commerce determined that the country received government subsidies. This was done illegally. Because Korean and Turkish company was established countervailing duties. Towards Korean companies rates will be 0.01−27,42%. Turkish steel industry in this respect was lucky more than that. For them, bets will amount to about 0.92−3.72 per cent. Before anti-dumping duties concerned biodiesel fuel from India and China. The rate for Chinese iron and steel enterprises accounted for 132,63%. For Indian companies, was established rate 50,55%. They have also been a countervailing duty 541,15%.

Despite the decision of the Ministry of Commerce, the last word for another organization. We are talking about the international trade Commission (ITC). It should issue its verdict on 5 April. The Commission must decide whether the caused imports of biodiesel fuel from six countries damage. This refers to the damage to the us steel producers. If Yes, then duty to act.

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