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Leningrad NPP-2 has received the last consignment of equipment from Izhorskiye Zavody

13 March 2019

At the Leningrad nuclear power plant No. 2 continues the construction of the second unit. The equipment for it was supplied by Izhora plants belonging to the Group OMZ. They shipped the last batch. It included a cover of the upper block and internals. These devices include a shaft enclosure and the protective tube unit. The last of the equipment, the customer will receive before the end of the month.

Removable part of the reactor is the top cover of the unit. It is necessary in order to seal the reactor. In addition, there are actuator system control and protection. And she also posted the findings of the control channels within the reactor. Enclosure — design team of 4 rings. They are connected using pins and system. The device allows to reduce the impact of neutron flux on the wall of the reactor.

The contract between the companies was signed in 2008. Izhorskiye Zavody also produced and delivered equipment for the first unit. In the case of the VVER-1200 reactor, internals, upper unit. There was also made a pressurizer. The first deliveries were carried out in 2012−2013, the First unit of Leningrad NPP-2 started to operate in December last year. The power plant has received a reactor vessel for the second unit in October 2017. In November of the same year, he was installed.

It is known that a new nuclear power plant being built for the project NPP-2006. In fact, it is modified and upgraded power plant. It was equipped with a pressurised water nuclear reactors VVER-1200. The installation received wide acclaim in Russia. Updated the project was developed in accordance with IAEA recommendations. New units able to work up to 60 years.

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