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The volume of cargo group of companies "Severstal Distribution" has increased in 2018

19 March 2019

«Severstal Distribution» is the distribution network «Severstal Russian steel». Over the past year the volume of cargo amounted to more than 2 million tons. We are talking about metal. Compared to the 2017 year, the result increased by 70%. For cargo transportation group of companies uses a variety of transport. So deliveries are made by car, by rail and water. Also used a different container. A large portion of the cargo falls on sea and river vessels. The same applies to vehicles. They account for 95% of last year’s volume.

The increase is explained by the fact that many supplies were made to the target markets. This refers to the Russian and European markets. Company in 2018 sent its forces on the development of effective solutions. For the most part they related to warehouse and transport logistics. The aim was to satisfy customers ' needs at the highest level. So was the expanded storage capacity. This allowed us to store more products. And it can be done in the regions where the customers are located. Thus, you are guaranteed quick and efficient delivery.

In addition, the group has developed a new delivery scheme. This took into account the fact that the volume of traffic has increased. Special attention was paid to geographical and infrastructural characteristics of the target regions. In the end, this enabled the company to achieve savings in transport costs. The figure was about $ 2 million. It reported the Director of logistics and production «Severstal Distribution». All the products are delivered to 12 of the target markets. Among the key countries is highlighted Russia, Ukraine, Belarus. Also delivery is carried out in nine European countries.

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