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EVRAZ NTMK will get more equipment from Primetals Technologies

11 March 2019

The company Primetals Technologies has been supplying electrical equipment for blast furnaces. She recently received an order from EVRAZ NTMK. It will supply automation and electrical equipment for reconstruction of blast furnace process control system. Thus, it will be carried out optimization of the operation of the unit. In addition, it will be possible to reduce coke consumption. A virtualization system is to be fully virtualized. This will reduce the amount of maintenance costs. Primetals Technologies has participated in the modernization of blast furnace No. 7. The unit earned at the beginning of last year.

New order from EVRAZ NTMK for blast furnace No. 6. Thanks to a new process automation system to optimize the operating parameters of the unit. The project will cost several million euros. Blast furnace, according to plan, should start in the middle of next year. Her work has been halted at the beginning of last year. In General, it has already served 15 years. It completely dismantled. The same applies to the support elements and equipment. We are talking about gas treatment system, shihtopodachi etc.

The unit will undergo a complete renovation. At the end of the process, blast furnace №:6 will work a little differently. Increase the efficiency and productivity of the process. Obtained her liquid iron is sent to steel mill. It is located in Nizhny Tagil. Automation system and electrical equipment will be mounted by the beginning of 2020. By the middle of next year, the installation process must be completed. At the same time and the scheduled commissioning of the upgraded blast furnace. Throughout the process, EVRAZ will cooperate with Primetals Technologies.

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