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Zvk "BERVAL" began to produce high-strength fasteners made of weather-resistant steel

21 February 2019

Plant high strength fasteners «BERVAL» has launched a new mass production. It started to manufacture high strength fasteners of weather resistant steel. We are talking about bolts, nuts and washers. Such products don’t need additional anti-corrosion protective coating. In the production process using the latest unique technology. Nowhere else in Russia it does not apply. The fasteners have the additional marking «C». It stands for COR-TENTM — weather-resistant steel (steel «Corten»). This alloy steel, able to resist atmospheric corrosion. It was created in 60-ies in the United States.

Weather-resistant steel fights rust. It uses the unique function of the «rust cures rust». The atmosphere affects the material, which is without a special painting. That, in turn, begins to rust as ordinary steel does. However, there are alloying elements. With their help forms a protective layer on the surface. This fine-grained oxide film. Thanks to her, reduced the corrosion rate. Thus, the material is capable of longer and safer to serve.

Obtained from COR-TENTM products do not need to paint. However, if you apply paint, it will last much longer. This refers to compared to coatings applied to ordinary steel. Thus, the enterprise can reduce some of their costs. Have less to spend on paint. Materials that do not require painting, are becoming more attractive. They allow companies to save on resources. In addition, it allows to solve a number of environmental issues. To apply the material in various industries and for different purposes. It is more reliable, durable and long lasting.

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