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Steel production in the world is still growing

19 February 2019

World Steel Association summed up the results for last year. The organization receives data from 64 countries. In total they have produced a 1789,6 million tons of steel. Compared to the 2017 year, the index rose by 4.5%. Analysts estimate full production in the world. It is estimated at 1808,6 million tons. This is 4.6% more than in the previous year. In December 2018, 64 countries had made 147,1 million tons. Over the same period of the previous year the amount was 4.2% less. With regard to the average daily smelting, in December, she declined. Meant compared to November. The reduction was 4.9%. In quantitative terms, in December it amounted to 4,745 million tons.

Over 50% of world production comes from China. The result, in 2018 the Chinese company has released 928,3 million tons. This is a new absolute record. Last year’s figure exceeded the result of 2017 by 6.6%. In quantitative terms, the growth amounted to more than 57.4 million tons. In December China produced 76,12 million tons of steel. The day produced 2,455 million tons. At the same time Chinese steel companies have reduced the average daily amount of melting. Compared with September, a decline of 8.9%. However, compared to December, 2017 the index all rose. The growth amounted to 8.2%. The record remains September of last year.

Second place in the world steel output ranked India. Last year she produced 106.5 million tons. Compared to the 2017 year, the index rose 4.9%. The three leader closes Japan. However, the result was less than a year earlier. So for 2018, she released 104.3 million tons. This was less than the previous year by 0.3%.

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