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The company Vale was forced to suspend Mining Brucutu

22 February 2019

Recently it was announced the decision of the court in the state of Minas Gerais. It concerns the Brazilian mining Corporation Vale. It demanded to suspend to place a new waste. The same applies to any other activities of the company. It is about those activities that increase the risk of breakthrough of the dam. These dams belong to the eight warehouses for iron ore mills. All together they form the «southern system.» It is also tailing Laranjeiras. It is used on GOK Brucutu. The plant is the second largest iron ore venture in the Brazilian company. Its production capacity is 30 million tons per year. His work had to be suspended. The reason for this was the lack of other places for waste disposal.

Prior to this the company had to suspend 10 of their enterprises. It is also about the iron ore enterprises. Their total production capacity is 40 million tons per year. This was due to the recent breakthrough of platinum. It happened at the tailings storage facility plant Corrego do Feija. The breakthrough has led to disastrous consequences. The tragedy claimed the lives of at least 110 people. Another 138 missing.

The Brazilian company responded to the court’s decision. She stated that three of the tailings is not working. Mean of those eight, which says the court. They are the same as tailing from Corrego do Feijao. They have waste disposal is higher than the level of the surrounding area. Therefore, when there was a breakthrough of the dam, it flooded. Then emerged a huge amount of mud flows. The company said that five other tanks it is not so. They are in the folds of the territory. Because breakthroughs will not be catastrophic. Because the company intends to challenge the court’s decision.

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