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The company "Severstal" has started to provide new service for external clients

22 December 2018

The computer simulation center has launched a new service. This is done on the basis of Technopark of the company «Severstal». This service of computer simulation. So are the characteristics of products and equipment. Also performed strength calculations and are determined by special properties of materials. This is done using mathematical and computer analysis. In addition, modeling are done processing and testing of materials. Further projects have been undertaken in relation to the rolling, straightening and other things.

The computer simulation center is there 2.5 years. During this period he implemented 19 projects. The centre is involved in the development of competence in the field of modeling in different spheres. He is ready to expand the portfolio of projects. His services he offers both internal customers and external. For the current year, it had carried out a series of calculations. This calculation of the required parameters for the manufacture of profiles for cabs of machinery. The customer was Russian foundry-mechanical plant of Cherepovets steel mill.

Such production in Russia. Because the company had intended to develop a new product. This should have been done promptly. In addition, the goal was to minimize the risks. Because it is applied by computer simulation. Demands were made to the cross section of the profile from the client. Also received offers calibrations from the experts. Based on all the information received, the Centre carried out a test calculation. In addition, it was determined the geometry of the cross section. He also calculated the load on the mill stands. After optimization and order the correct rolls, were obtained profiles. It was a pilot batch. The economic effect is estimated at 1.7 million rubles of additional EBITDA.

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