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GFG Alliance will build a steel mill in Australia

19 December 2018

GFG Alliance is a British industry group. It includes metallurgical company Liberty House. Earlier it was reported that she carried out a major takeover. Now it announced a new project. This is a major project in the steel industry. It consists in the construction of the metallurgical plant. The construction is planned on the basis of the Australian plant Whyalla.

The plant was acquired by the British group in July last year. The construction of a new plant is planned to be implemented within 2−4 years. Today, the performance of Whyalla is 1.8 million tons per year. The planned capacity of the future enterprise should be 10 million tons. GFG Alliance already has a contract with CISDI. This is a Chinese company which is a subsidiary of the state Corporation MinMetals. It will build a blast furnace. Also the British group has a contract with Danieli. Is an Italian manufacturer of metallurgical equipment. He put the band mill.

For the project group will need financial support. Her plan to contact the state of South Australia. Also this can take part the Central government of the state. The new plant will produce slabs. In addition, it will produce blooms and billets. The products will be export-oriented. It is planned that consumers will be plants in the U.S. and Europe. It is known that Australia has huge reserves of iron ore. The same applies to coking coal. Therefore the new enterprise will be engaged in the smelting of steel at low cost. However, there is an issue with the power supply of the plant. Unit is building in South Australia a major power complex.

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