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Plans to purchase African copper deposits by a Chinese company

1 November 2017

Jiangxi Copper company is considering the acquisition of African copper deposits. She shared plans to conclude a number of transactions in Africa. This step is included in the General scheme of expansion of its foreign activities. Chinese state-owned metallurgical company about the details not yet reported.

In 2016, she established the Foundation, which included 300 million dollars. He used to purchase new units of the mining industry. Few foreign assets, the company is already present. They are located in Afghanistan and Peru. However, she doesn’t want to stop.

Over the past 10 years people’s Republic of China scored an impressive investment projects. They are all implemented on the African territories. Landscape characterized by the presence of copper mines (Zambia and DR Congo). The investments necessary for equipping the raw material base of its own industrial sector.

Jump indicator does not relate to the ratio of supply-demand. So says the head of the Chinese company Loong Tsypin. The actual discrepancies between supply and demand, in his opinion, no. Thus, the copper price has grown for this reason. In the end, the forecasts for 2018 are quite interesting. According to them, the price level for copper should fall to the level of $ 6500 per ton. Whether he is right time will tell.

However, the current situation proves the presence of truth in his words. In this situation, buy copper mines in Africa can be a profitable decision. Such an investment can quickly be recouped.

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