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On-site, where construction of a gas processing plant, a water treatment plant

4 November 2017

The first phase of construction of the largest gas processing plant in Russia passed. In just 15 days GK «stark» has created a wastewater treatment plant. LOS 300 installed in 2 times faster than the scheduled period. Design is a modular station to treatment of industrial and storm waters. She was going on a production site of GC «stark» in Yekaterinburg. Acted as the customer of PJSC «Gazprom».

The installation was made according the actual developed scheme of GK «stark». It is possible to optimize the execution of work. In addition, this significantly increases the speed of project implementation. Separately, you can specify minimize the risks, both financial and physical.

LOS-300 plays an important role in the future of the enterprise. Thanks to the station is provided by the environment of the Amur river. The amount of emissions significantly reduced. The land on which to build the plant, is 800 hectares. Clean up all sewage (domestic and industrial storm), there will be two stations.

Design tailored to the characteristics of the terrain. This applies mainly to climatic conditions. The power station is 850 cu. m/day biological treatment, 300 cu. m/day — production storm drains. It will be used when the air temperature is -52 degrees Celsius.

The station was gathered using the method of modular construction. This need is caused by difficult weather conditions. Method allows you to create designs at an accelerated rate. However, labour costs are minimal.

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