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Updates on EVRAZ KGOK for improvement renovations

31 October 2017

On the territory of EVRAZ KGOK allocated a new plot. It is located in the locomotive depot No. 2. Its purpose is to conduct repairs of the traction units. The creation of a new site was necessary to improve the whole process. Thus, implemented a different plan of organization of repair work. Thanks to this scheme, the time to repair is considerably reduced. The same applies to costs, which were quite large.

The new plant consists of separate sections for Assembly. Each of them is used for a specific type of traction unit. A complete overhaul of the entire locomotive to be produced simultaneously at different sites. Such distribution and individual approach to the process is very convenient. Thanks to them, the duties are evenly distributed. The staff work significantly more efficient. In addition, improved working conditions. The repair be carried out much faster, and the result turns out better.

Also at the new site, there are other designated areas. They assemble and disassemble the wheel and motor blocks. Reviewing various electric motors (traction and low power). Organized repair of the equipment mounted on the roof. In the shop, even a dedicated compartment for your welding work. There are new extractors. Not paid attention to the shelves, where components for electric locomotives. In addition they also made the stand. Visualization has undergone a phase diagram of the repair process. Throughout the Guild site updated lighting. Created safe passages and descents. On its laurels the company is not planning to stop. He plans changes to the terms in depot no.1.

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