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Japanese corporations protect Kobe Steel

26 October 2017

A leading automotive Corporation of Japan spoke out in defense of Kobe Steel. Representatives from Honda, Toyota, Mazda, Nissan and later spoke about the supplied products. They declared full compliance with safety standards aluminium components supplied to them by the company. Recall that she and Kobe Steel recently openly admitted falsifying data regarding testing of their own products. Statement of the manufacturers has become a good support. Huge scandal, in the centre of which hit Kobe Steel has significantly tarnished her reputation. The result was a sharp decline in market capitalization.

Toyota representatives reported receiving from the company a conflict of sheets 5000 and 6000 series. They are the alloys with copper and magnesium, a combination of silicon and magnesium. Toyota admits that the production could to some extent do not meet the requirements of the corporate specifications. At the same time claim to it regarding security are completely absent. The automaker said that overall the company’s products meet the requirements of the standards for all key parameters.

However, the defenders recognize the seriousness of the situation, which turned out to Kobe Steel. The company violated the order the quality control procedure, beginning in 2007. Probably, the Japanese recipients of the products will require reimbursement of funds spent to test products and subsequent replacement. While it is doubtful that the proceedings be brought to court.

But the main risk for the company is associated with international shipments of products. The U.S. Department of justice has initiated an investigation concerning Kobe Steel. The EU aviation regulator had issued the Directive with a warning. It was given to the Council aircraft manufacturing companies in the regions to the extent possible to renounce the use of questionable products.

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