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Bystrinsky GOK experiencing a new energy power

24 October 2017

Bystrinsky GOK will be able to supply voltage to its own substation. To redirect the energy of Kharanorskaya GRES were required to obtain a permit. Thanks to him, the plant will be able to establish a stable power supply to all its facilities. Especially important is this fact is seen in the light of the required conduct start-up and commissioning. In energy infrastructure, the Bystrinsky plant is part of a distribution substation. Transformer capacity Bystrinskoye is 250 MVA. In the future we plan to transfer FGC UES. Then the voltage is transmitted to two substations with capacity of 110 and 35 kV. The construction started in 2016, in April. In total, Norilsk Nickel invested in the project is 1.2 billion rubles.

A joint detailed inspection of high voltage installations and substations, identifies the technical compliance of the equipment. The inspection was attended by the specialists of FESK EEC, Zabaykalsky of Rostechnadzor, representatives of the System operator. The result was the issuance of a temporary permit the delivery of electrical energy. Its purpose is the conduct at the substations of the plant start-up and commissioning. It is expected that the PS-35 will be able to supply electricity to seven production zones. However, the main burden will fall on the PS-110. Stability affects the supply of the most energy-intensive industries. We are talking about the processing plant, sites, service shops, boiler rooms, quarries and other facilities.

In General, the power consumption of the plant will reach 86 mW. The substation is equipped with modern appliances from leading vendors like ABB, Schneider Electric and others. A distinctive feature of the equipment — ease of use, fully automated control, increased warranty periods.

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