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VSMPO has been upgrading equipment

17 October 2017

VSMPO-AVISMA continues implementation of the program aimed at improvement of production capacities. In the framework of the beginning of 2017 is modernization of plant № 6. Now changes affect furnace of vacuum-arc remelting. The specialists of the area they mounted frequency converters. The installation is performed on the actuators of the holders of the electrodes. Advanced converters will guarantee stable operation of the furnaces. Thanks to them, enhance the quality of titanium ingots, eliminated the formation of non-conforming products. Ready transducers installed on four furnaces, supplied for the repair.

The second stage of the project began in September of this year. Modernization will undergo twelve furnaces. Their stop is made, alternately, in accordance with the developed schedule. The duration of each stay is 14 consecutive days. The time allocated for the installation of the device the electricians and commissioning of vacuum-arc equipment. By the end of the year is expected to be installed frequency converters for another ten units.

In addition, the shop 21 VSMPO to the modernization of the electric furnace. She is in the zone of the press, the force which is 1.5 thousand tons. The purpose of the unit — heating of the workpieces. For 14 days you plan to replace cabinets. After that the object will be handed over to the specialists engaged in automation of heat power processes. They will conduct start-up and commissioning of the equipment. But this is not the last innovation workshop 21. In this area was restored to the press 106. The stop was held on 01 September in order for major repairs. After the planned works 03 Oct press was launched.

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