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In China reduced the production of non-ferrous metals

11 October 2017

National Bureau of statistics of China provided the data for August in the field of non-ferrous metals. According to them, the production volume of products amounted to 4.42 million tons. In includes aluminum, Nickel, copper and zinc, tin and lead, titanium. It also included mercury, antimony, and magnesium. Compared to August of last year the figures decreased by 2.2%. Overall in China over the eight-month period in 2017 production of non-ferrous metals — ten key — reached 36.4 million tons. This is 4.9 percentage points higher than for the same period in 2016. Of this amount 22.17 million tons are aluminum. Its production increased by 6.1 percent.

If we consider the August results this month, the lowest this year. Since December last year in the field of non-ferrous metals this is the first deterioration. Expressed my opinion to Helen Lau, an analyst at Argonaut Securities from Hong Kong. Among the reasons for the decrease in the production is the struggle of the Chinese government pollution of the atmosphere. Also more attention, the authorities began to pay illegal mining. Consider the situation in more detail. Their data provided the research firm Antaike. In accordance with them last year with the second half of it was closed about 80% of the small factories. They produced secondary lead, not having a license for this activity. Its activity stops and the number of mines with ineffectual safety. The list includes enterprises that ignores the requirements for minimizing emissions.

In addition in July was the decommissioning of several facilities for the production of aluminium. In the end, the production of metals in China in August fell to 2.64 million tons. Since April of last year, the figure is minimal.

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