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Commissioning of the shaft furnace at Uralelektromed

25 September 2017

Scheduled maintenance shaft furnace, which is in the branch «Production of polymetals» has ended. He belongs to a branch of Uralelectromed and is located in Kirovograd. The cost of repair was over $ 76 million. He was full parsing unit for melting. Communicated all the way down to the basement. Then again it was built according to the developed new project. In the new furnace is now functioning with all new components.

The ducts have also been replaced. Under renovations were 27 m flue, which is the largest. Its diameter is 3.6 m. It is connected with a chimney, the length of which reaches 140 meters. The main «highlight» of reconstruction was the new internal brickwork. It shifted to epoxy resin. The advantage of resin is that it does not affect the corrosion process.

Previously the company from corrosion saved the brick. But epoxy resin have proven that they can handle this task better. Therefore it was decided to use it. The brick no one refused. Two materials are simply combined. Repair time was created and installed over 300 tons of designs. Is metal products, 120 tons of which — the caissons. Only the repair period was 28 days.

In total for today the branch operates 3 furnaces. Their productive figure reaches 6000 tons/month. The branch, which produces blister copper, shows the result of approximately 80 thousand tons/year. Capital repair of the furnace will allow to increase performance. In addition, it helps to ensure that the branch will be able to function longer.

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