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Canadian company increases the production of zinc

24 September 2017

Teck Resources recently announced its plans. They include the increase in production volumes in the current year. This applies to zinc production at its largest mine. It is called Red Dog and is located in Alaska. The figure is expected to grow to 525 thousand tons, maybe more. Shortly before the company was to receive 500 thousand tons of concentrate.

Current plans due to the fact that increase in the share of production of high-quality ore. In the next five years the mine will produce up to 550 thousand tons of zinc per year. Of course, to implement the planned you need to upgrade all mine. Developed by the project is estimated at $ 110 million. Scheduled for completion by the end of 2019. It will help the company to achieve ore processing, greater by 15%. This compensates for the fact that its quality has declined somewhat.

In the future, the company also decided to reconnoiter the situation on the field Aktigiruq. It is 12 km from the current mine. If the study will show decent information, it will also begin processing. Previously said that it may contain up to 150 million tons of ore. Its average content of zinc and lead varies between 16−18%.

Experts predict that despite global modernization, the zinc will remain expensive. This situation may last until the beginning of 2018. However, its high cost may have a negative impact on its demand. In some industries, it can be replaced by a cheaper metal. Zinc alloy with magnesium, for example, costs less. In addition, it has less and the flow rate. The same applies to zinc and aluminum. They can easily become the alternative to expensive alloys.

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