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The increase in production volumes, the company Nucor

26 September 2017

Metallurgical company «Nucor» (USA) decided to expand its own production. Conceived planned by creating a new microsata engaged in production of long products. Where exactly it will build the issue is still being resolved. There are five States. Among them: Missouri, Nebraska, South Carolina, Kansas and Florida. The increase in production volume is planned also by increasing productivity of existing businesses. This applies to objects in the States of Ohio and Illinois. They produce products that are then used in mechanical engineering.

The product is very valuable for the company. Its production brought them large profits in the past year. The leadership hopes that a similar situation will occur in the future. Part of the company’s products are manufactured with value added higher than the other parts. Manufacturers have repeatedly stated that they want this share to increase. However, traditional long-length is still held in high esteem. The company does not want to take the risk, especially in periods of high demand. Perhaps the expansion of production will lead to the fact that this idea is being implemented.

For 2016 the production volume reached nearly 22 million tons. This figure helped her win 12 position in the world ranking. It is the largest enterprise for production of steel in the United States. In the world she belongs to the second largest. The clarification that the second non-Asian manufacturer. To strengthen its position and conquer new heights, it expands. New businesses have very to help. The company will be able to move your competitors and reach a new level.

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