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Improvement of cast alloys for $ 7.6 million

22 September 2017

The Irkutsk aluminium smelter over update line Befesa-2. It is used to create ingots of the alloy. Modernization took place under the supervision of engineering and technology centre of RUSAL. The process was intended to improve the quality of the products. It is associated with the fact that he began to suffer a market. The upgrade will allow to improve and accelerate the production process. The products will cater to the needs of European and Asian customers.

Modernization was also attended by the company Befesa Aluminio S. L. from Spain. Together we have installed a new wheel for the spill. Well-established system of metal distribution. Mold to create ingots changed its design. A cooling system using water has improved. It operates with the ability to automatically adjust the water flow. Changes have been made to also site to remove or move the bars. Line Befesa-1 in the near future will also be affected by such a change.

As the first line is also important. It is necessary to upgrade mandatory. This will improve the quality of the products. In addition, it will increase productivity. While it delivers up to 55 thousand tons per year. Over time, the leadership hopes to achieve large volumes. This will improve the position on the foreign market. RUSAL tested refurbished equipment. Its specialists confirmed the necessity of such a process. Periodical updating should be held that the company did not lose their status. It can easily compete with other leading global companies.

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